Children's Dentist in North Haledon

Children’s Dentist in North Haledon

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Pediatric Dental Hygiene Practice in North Haledon

People of all ages need to know the importance of good oral hygiene and good dental care. Both things are intrinsically related, and having good oral hygiene can improve your chances of having good oral health. It’s important to drive these things home for people of all ages, especially children who are still developing their first teeth and need to learn how to properly care for them. When it comes to finding a children’s dentist in North Haledon, there is no one better than Dr. Lesser here at Wayne Dental Care.

Kids should start seeing a pediatric dentist from the time they first start teeth, before their first teeth have even broken through the gums! It’s important that all aspects of a child’s dental health are monitored. Not only are baby teeth more susceptible to things like decay and disease, but their health will impact their future permanent teeth as well. Here with Dr. Lesser at Wayne Dental Care, your child can receive the comprehensive dental care they need, including dental cleanings. Baby teeth are smaller and more sensitive than adult teeth, which makes them more likely to develop decay and disease without proper care. Kids need to learn how to effectively care for their teeth, especially since baby teeth are sensitive and since kids are prone to eating many cavity-causing foods. Our children’s dentist in North Haledon can make sure that your kids get the routine cleanings and checkups they need to monitor and maintain their dental health while also teaching them about the importance of brushing and flossing. Dr. Lesser likes to focus on establishing good oral health habits that last a lifetime.

To better protect your child’s teeth, call us here at Wayne Dental Care today. We can help you book an appointment with our children’s dentist in North Haledon whenever works best for your family.

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