North Haledon braces

North Haledon Braces

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Dental braces in North Haledon

Orthodontic care has undergone huge leaps and bounds in technology, which means that today you can have a comfortable and productive experience wearing dental braces. Even better, the cosmetic drawbacks of traditional braces are no longer an issue that you are forced to deal with. Here at Wayne Dental Care, we are pleased to offer clear braces that give you outstanding results in terms of the properly aligned teeth that support an attractive smile and optimal oral health.

When we discuss clear braces, we mean ones that are made out of plastic and that are for all intents and purposes invisible. When you put them on, no one will know that you have anything on your teeth. So there won’t be any nosy questions to answer or any uncalled for comments. That’s a big advantage with our North Haledon braces. Another major plus is that you will have considerably greater comfort. Traditional braces are made of metal. It is not uncommon to have mouth soreness or irritation due to the friction they cause. This is particularly problematic in the early days of wearing braces. But with our North Haledon braces, there is no need to worry. Unlike with metal braces, you can take these out. Most of the time, they should remain in. But when you eat, take them out so that you can enjoy all your favorite foods. There are no restrictions. Take them out also to brush and floss. Otherwise, they are at work 24/7. The advancements that have gone into making clear braces has taken the guesswork out of the treatment process. Computer models make everything precise and accurate.

Get the better positioned teeth that you need and deserve with our North Haledon braces. Simply reach out to our office to set up an appointment to have a consultation and examination.

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