North Haledon Root Canal

North Haledon Root Canal

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Root Canal in North Haledon

If a cavity has caused tooth decay to the point where it may need a root canal, we can remove the infected pulp that has caused the issue and clean and seal the area properly during an North Haledon root canal. After the root canal, we then put a crown over the tooth to protect it. For more information, call Wayne Dental Care today.

A toothache can be a result of a few different things. Tooth pain may come in the form of sharp pain while eating hot or cold foods, sensitivity to heat or cold, or swelling and redness around the gum area. Sensitive teeth can sometimes be a result of receding gums or thinning tooth enamel as well. A cracked tooth or cavity can also cause tooth pain. When a tooth has become damaged in some manner, it can break or become decayed,. If there is an infection and it progresses without treatment, the tooth may need to be extracted. An endodontic procedure, or root canal, can help us save the tooth and alleviate the need of having to perform an extraction. Oftentimes, when teeth become infected it can cause an abscess or result in periodontal disease, which may damage the tooth’s sensitive inner pulp.

Natural teeth should be saved if possible. If a cavity forms, it can destroy the protective layers of enamel and leave the area open to infection. If left untreated for too long an abscess can form, which is a pus filled area of tissue that can spread quickly to become an infection. Call us today. We are conveniently open from Monday through Saturday and closed on Fridays. Besides North Haledon root canal procedures we also do implants, teeth bleaching and whitening, and a large range of preventive dental therapies.

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