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Have you ever had root canal therapy? Often mistaken as an overly painful or frightening experience, root canal therapy is actually one of the most helpful, safe, and effective restorative procedures used in the dental field. Here at Wayne Dental Care, our Wayne family dentist can provide you with the root canal therapy you need to save your tooth and relieve you from the painful symptoms you are experiencing. It first is helpful to understand why root canal therapy is used and what it can do for you. Our Wayne family dentist typically recommends root canal therapy if you have a tooth with an infected pulp. The pulp is the conglomeration of soft tissue located at the center of each of your teeth. If your tooth is decayed, cracked, or broken, the pulp can then be exposed and therefore vulnerable to infection from the various bacteria present within your mouth at any given time. When the pulp is infected, you are likely to experience symptoms like tooth pain, increased pain while biting down or chewing, increased tooth sensitivity to especially hot and cold temperatures, foods, and beverages, and a discoloration or darkening of the tooth that is causing you pain. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is in your best interest to visit our Wayne family dentist as soon as possible. Ignoring these symptoms will only make them worse, and can even cost you that tooth in the long run, as a tooth that is too badly infected can eventually fall out, or can get so bad that it cannot be preserved through the use of root canal therapy or any other restorative methods. The goals of root canal therapy are to remove the infected pulp, thoroughly clean out the infected area to get rid of any lingering bacteria, and then seal up the tooth in order to keep it from getting infected again in the future. Root canal therapy has a great reputation for providing excellent, long-lasting results, especially when you are in the capable hands of our Wayne family dentist.

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