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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Could you have sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a serious condition that often goes undiagnosed, but that can take a significant toll on your health if it is not treated properly. Here at Wayne Dental Care, our sleep apnea treatment in Wayne NJ is known for being the best in the area. Before understanding what sleep apnea treatment entails, it is helpful to have an initial understanding of what the condition itself is like. To have sleep apnea means that your airflow is restricted for many seconds at a time during your nightly rest. Each of these episodes is called an apnea, and they can occur several times throughout the night.

This restriction in breathing is very disruptive to the sleep cycle, because the body wakes up in order to encourage a restoration of regular breathing. While you might not remember waking up several times during the night, you are likely to feel the repercussions of such a fitful sleep

Dental Care in Wayne NJ
Dental Care in Wayne NJ

the next day. If you often wake up with headaches, if you are constantly drowsy or lethargic, if you have trouble focusing at work, and/or if you are feeling irritable on a regular basis, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. The only way to truly confirm a diagnosis of sleep apnea is to undergo a sleep test. If you are confirmed with a diagnosis, we can use our sleep apnea treatment in Wayne NJ to help correct the problem and give you a more fulfilling, restful sleep, and also keep you safer from the health risks associated with sleep apnea. We typically help our patients fight their sleep apnea by providing them with a customized oral appliance that is to be worn each night. The appliances are designed to keep your breathing regular throughout the night.

If you would like to learn more about our sleep apnea treatment in Wayne NJ, or if you would like to learn more about the other various services available to you here at Wayne Dental Care, we invite you to visit our practice’s main website to browse through some additional information. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the staff here for assistance.

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