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Wayne root canal therapy

Wayne Family Dentist
Wayne Family Dentist

Ross Lesser, DMD, Wayne family dentist of Wayne Dental Care provides a number of dental services and treatments to not only enhance the appearance of your smile, but to maintain the health of your teeth as well as your gums. Among the services Dr. Lesser provides is root canal therapy. While many patients may have previously shuddered at the idea of a root canal, with the use of the most modern techniques and methodologies, Dr. Lesser will address the treatment of your tooth’s nerve while saving your natural tooth and preventing your need for dental implants, bridges or other more invasive treatments.

The need for a root canal is identified when a tooth is decayed or infected and the nerve is affected. Prior to treatment, you may experience symptoms that include acute pain, a sensitivity to hot, cold or touch. The typical procedure at Wayne Dental Care will involve removing the desired pulp of the tooth so the canal may be cleansed thoroughly then sealed. Dr. Lesser, our Wayne family dentist, will usually perform root canals after the administration of local anesthesia and most times, your root canal may be completed in just one visit. The recovery time for most patients following a root canal is typically quite quick though we may recommend you avoid chewing or eating on the side of the mouth that has been treated until it has fully healed. A thorough dental examination in our office will allow Dr. Lesser to accurately diagnose and explain your particular needs and this information is provided as an informative guide.

To reduce any feelings of stress or anxiety you may have, the caring professional staff in our Wayne family dentist office at Wayne Dental Care will conduct all dental treatments with your comfort in mind. We look forward to seeing the return of your healthy and beautiful smile. A compassionate and knowledgeable member of our professional staff can be reached either through our website or by calling (973) 928-7015 to schedule your convenient appointment. We can also assist you with new patient forms as needed, as well as address your concerns regarding accepted insurance plans and methods of payment.

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