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Wayne New Jersey Gentle Dentist

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Pain free dental care in Wayne New Jersey

Wayne New Jersey gentle dentist
Wayne New Jersey gentle dentist

If you are looking for a dental practice where you will receive pain-free dental care, we hope you will visit us at Wayne Dental Care. Our Wayne New Jersey gentle dentist, Dr. Ross Lesser, will provide you with the very best dental care that is also extremely gentle.

At our dental practice, our office has state-of-the-art equipment, and our dentist uses the most modern dental techniques to make sure that our patients have a comfortable and successful dental procedure. We also use modern dental anesthesia during our procedures, whenever necessary. We want our patients to always be comfortable when they come to our practice for dental treatment. In fact, today, there is no reason for patients to ever experience any type of pain when they are having dental treatment performed. Even if you have a tooth which has damaged or infected pulp in its interior, and you need to have a root canal treatment performed, you can have this treatment while you remain in total comfort in our dentist’s chair. We welcome patients of all ages into our practice. When we have children coming to our dental practice for treatment, our entire office staff makes sure that they have a stress-free and fun time at our dental office. We want to make sure that our youngest patients do not have any reason to develop any type of dental fear, so that they will not avoid seeking out dental treatment when it is needed later on. If you have a mild to moderate case of gum disease, it can be treated by our Wayne New Jersey gentle dentist with a scaling and root planing treatment. This periodontal treatment acts like a deep cleaning for the gums and will remove all plaque, tartar, bacteria, and food debris from the deep pockets which have formed between the teeth and gums. Our patients remain perfectly comfortable during this procedure due to our use of local anesthesia distributed on the gums.

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