Wayne NJ Teeth Whitening

Wayne NJ Teeth Whitening

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Teeth stains make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Any discoloration or even dullness detracts from the look of it. Here at Wayne Dental Care, teeth stains don’t stand a chance. With an office treatment and another you can do at home, we have you covered. But what is the cause of those stains to begin with, and is there anything you can do to keep them from coming back?

Of all the reasons why your teeth lose their natural color, probably the biggest culprit of all is tobacco. That means not just smoking, but smokeless use, including vaping. Yellow or even brown teeth can result. Fewer people are using tobacco these days, but more than ever are drinking coffee and tea in all their forms, including iced and as part of specialty beverages. There is even some evidence of health benefits for coffee, tea, and also wine. Well, all of them cause teeth staining. So does cola. Berries, soy sauce, curry, and some types of hard candies are among the foods that do so. Our Wayne teeth whitening will work to overcome those effects, and of course you could choose to give up any of those items if you wanted to maintain a brighter smile for longer. What’s not so easy to do is to give up the prescription medication you need, nor should you without the express approval of your doctor. Tetracycline is a popular one that is known to stain teeth. Our Wayne teeth whitening is also useful for addressing the impact of enamel loss over time, which reveals the less white dentin beneath.

You don’t have to risk your enamel to abrasive ingredients, like the ones found in some store-bought products. Instead, depend on our Wayne NJ teeth whitening. Just contact our office right now and let us schedule a time for you to come in.

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